May 23, 2022

Drivers have condemned Sainsbury’s new pay-at-pump rule, which confiscates up to £ 100 from their bank accounts.

Some people have complained that this puts more strain on their finances in the crisis of life as money from their accounts is kept safe for 48 hours when they put very low cost fuel in their tank.


Drivers angry over confiscation of up to 100 from customers under Sainsbury’s pay-at-pump ruleCredit: Global.
The purpose of the check is to prevent drivers from refueling beyond their means.


The purpose of the check is to prevent drivers from refueling beyond their means.Credit: PA: Press Association

The new checks, which are available in many supermarkets, carry cash during the transaction.

They are there to ensure that consumers have enough money in their accounts to cover the cost of petrol.

One customer said the practice embarrassed him because he was unable to pay for his purchase after the card was rejected.

The van driver, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Pump had taken £ 60 from his card, adding another £ 100 when he was in Sainsburys in Leicester on February 11.

He went to another store to do some shopping but his card was rejected and he was forced to drop off items.

He told Lester Mercury“I had to give up what I was going to buy. It was embarrassing.

“When you pay at the pump it says £ 99 but Sainsburys has £ 100 which is more than what is stated on the screen.

“I know him only a pound more, but the fact that he kept 100 pounds and charged me more, instead of deducting the cost of fuel from the money saved, is illegal.” It’s criminal. “

The driver said the new rule puts more pressure on consumers when life costs reach record highs.

“Yes you will get £ 100 back but it can take up to 48 hours. It could be more on weekends or bank holidays,” he added.

“Their new policy will make them overdraw so that not only will the customer have no money, they will also take overdraw charges to deal with it which was not their fault.

“Everyone is facing financial problems with the addition of everything at a time – they are taking far more money than they have stated.”

It is said that the money is kept only temporarily until the money you pay is received.

This usually happens immediately, but some drivers have also found that it takes a long time and cash is not available to spend.

A Visa spokesperson said: “Payment at the pump has been enabled for all cardholders, meaning more drivers can access a more convenient way to pay for fuel and take advantage of the new system.

“Funds checks will never be withdrawn from your account. If your account balance is less than £ 100, for example 20, it will be returned by your bank to the fuel pump so that the fuel This amount can be distributed.

“This means that the pump will automatically shut off when you reach the approved amount (or earlier if you choose to spend less). This is called ‘partial permission’ and it is certain. Makes you get the fuel you need.

“It should be almost immediate but sometimes it can take a little longer. If not, please contact your bank.”

Earlier, some Asda customers were confused by the charge, as were Morrison’s customers.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s buyers were similarly surprised last year when the money went up.

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