May 23, 2022

Europe PCB Has emerged as one of the leading firms specializing in creating a wide array of different types. Review of PCB Assembly And even prepare and assemble different PCB boards. They cater to a wide global customer base.

On Europe PCBMaintaining high quality standards is our key goal and all our initiatives are built around providing high quality products to our customers. To achieve this, we have equipped our factory with the latest equipment and technology. We have established our own strict internal control system as well as obtained industry certification such as ISO9000: 2008 and ISO14000: 2004. As a result, our production is fast and efficient, resulting in excellent products. Plus, we’re testing every single one of our pieces. SMT assembly capabilities. The products meet their specific requirements according to our customer’s testing methods to ensure the quality and functionality of our products. We are committed to the success of our customers’ products by providing value in every possible way.

Our vision

Our vision is to become a truly one-stop hardware innovation platform for our customers. From PCB design, manufacturing and component procurement to finished product assembly. We strive to be a long-term and reliable partner for our customers.

our mission

At Europepcb, our mission is to pursue a customer-oriented approach and provide high quality products. Whether it’s reducing our customer’s research and development cycle or helping them purchase and manufacture products, we want to make our customers happy every step of the way. We want to not only gain their trust as a provider of quality products and services but also be partners in their development.

Our assets.

We believe that people are the center of growth and success of our corporation. Therefore, in addition to deploying the best equipment and technology in our factory, we have invested in our manpower. We take care of their safety by installing and maintaining all our devices in an up-to-date state. All our personnel have considerable experience in their respective fields and we conduct training workshops to keep them abreast of the latest developments in the field. We make sure our factory has the best working environment and everyone has equal opportunities for development.

We import Fuji XPF, NXT3, AIMEX III, Automatic Solder Paste Printer, Ten / 12 Temperature Zone Reflow Oven, WAV Soldering, AOI, 3D XRAY, 3D SPI, Intelligent First Tester, Fully Automatic Splitter, BGA Rework Station Such as using the latest technology. , Selective three proof paint and other materials that focus on high quality R&D express, small and medium batch SMT screws, assembly etc. We have worked hard to provide more than 600 highly skilled R&D engineers worldwide. PCBA Assembly Electronics manufacturing solutions for consumers around the world. Their unparalleled efforts have made our company very well known all over the world.

In our factory, we employ more than 300 experienced and skilled staff. With 40-plus accreditation, this state-of-the-art factory can be remotely monitored. From PCB designing, component purchasing, PCB manufacturing to assembly, our experienced engineers are at our customer’s disposal. We are proud to say that we have over 50,000 commonly used electronic components in stock and complete BOM components are serviced.

Our products

In this dynamic, ever-evolving market, attractive visuals play a vital role in marketing any product. On China PCB ManufacturerWe have a very specialized operations center that can provide a wide range of options to give your product a unique display effect. From individual product content, buttons, backlighting and finished product previews to sales and applications – all of these areas are taken care of with the utmost care. We also offer customized solutions in a variety of areas such as maritime control, health and fitness, medical devices, diagnostic detection, defense and more.

With our high quality products and responsible customer care, we promise to be with our customers at all stages with all our expertise and experience.

Those who want to see more details on how Europe PCB can offer the services they need and even those who want to benefit from their manufacturing and assembly services of various electric boards can choose to visit. Are

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