August 6, 2022

JAKE DOYLE-HAYES has created a stunning pair to bring Hibs back to the Euros.

The Irishman beat Ross Ledla twice out of the box – the second brilliant.


Jake Doyle-Hayes won a stunning double for the Hibs on Easter Road.Credit: Andrew Barr
The Doyle-Hayes net for the Hibs as soon as they return to fourth place in the Premiership.


The Doyle-Hayes net for the Hibs as soon as they return to fourth place in the Premiership.Credit: Andrew Barr

And in doing so, he helped bring his team to fourth place and gained some much needed warmth from Sean Maloney.

It was Hibs’ first league win since the winter break.

But given the league’s intertwined nature, that was enough to keep them on the table.

And Maloney will now hope he can stay there as the season draws to a close.


HIBS: Matt Macy 6, Chris Caden 6, Ryan Portis 7, Rocky Bashiri 6, Lewis Stevenson 7, Josh Doug 6, Jack Doyle Hayes 8, Josh Campbell 6, Avon Henderson 7, Sylvester Jasper 6, Kevin Nesbet 6.

Green: Chris Mرller (Jasper 70, 2), James Scott (Nasbet 75, 2), Dry Wright (Henderson 75, 2), Darren McGregor (Campbell 88, 1).

Ross County: Ross Ledla 7, Connor Randall 6, Jack Baldwin 5, Jack Walkins 6, Alex Icovity 7, Harry Patton 6, Ross Callahan 7, Dominic Samuel 5, Jordan Tilson 6, Jordan White 5, Reagan Charles Cook 6.

Green: Joseph Hangbo (Samuel 64, 3), Alex Samuel (Tilson 84, 2).

The best player of the match

Jake Doyle-Hayes has come here with two very high quality finishes to give the Hibs their first league win in seven league games. The first one was too strong for Ledla to keep out, the second one to pass the keeper from outside the box. Ryan Portius was also impressive on a big afternoon by Sean Maloney, who now finds himself at number four in the Premiership table.

The man in the middle

There was a big call for Steven McLane to come here early when Jordan went down inside the White Habs box but Whistler was right that Matt Macy did not make any contact and instead booked the county striker for diving. McLane was at times extremely tumultuous, but it was difficult to argue with any of his bookings, which occasionally involved a full-blown collision on Easter Road.

Men in the dugout

Sean Maloney has already stated that his goal this season is to bring the Hibs to fourth place – now that he has done that, he needs to find a way to keep them there for the rest of the season. County in-charge Maliki McKay suffered a disappointment in his 50th game but he may have some complaints.

Hibs boss Josh Campbell made a replacement for the injured Demetri Mitchell.

Maliki McKay took charge of his 50th game as Ross County boss and made three.

Jordan Tilson, Jack Baldwin and Dominic Samuel all returned to the starting lineup.

County wanted a penalty in the seventh minute when it went down in the white box.

But referee Steven McLane rightly ruled that Matt Macy had made no contact and booked the striker.

At the other end, Chris Caden’s low ball was just behind goalkeeper Kevin Nesbet.

But whenever he finished third in the Hibs final, the Staggies saw danger.

White was dismissed by Jack Wakins’ clever pass behind Rocky Bashiri in the 16th minute.

But he failed to lift the ball over Messi and the keeper easily saved it.

Avon Henderson deflected a shot wide in the 25th minute.

But the Hibs, for all the possession they had, were finding it difficult to break Mackay’s side.

Jasper played a clever ball to Nisbet, who wanted to take her to Vali.

But the Scottish striker dropped his kick and the ball bounced out for a goal kick.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Bashiri was booked for fouling Patton just before the break.

And Reagan chased after Reagan Charles Cook after losing the ball.

It was a disappointment for the home crowd, who expressed their feelings at the break.

They were struggling to find a way out, except for Cadden’s delivery on the right.

And if anything, it was Mackay’s men who felt the most danger going forward.

Hibs returns with a goal, kicking out Jack Dole – Hayes Pass Henderson.

Patton ran out of time to get the ball out of the corner.

Both Portius and Bashiri put their heads on the ball but could not hit the target.

And Ledla took a good stop at his nearest post a minute later to deny Henderson.

It was better than Maloney’s men because they looked dangerous for the first time in the game.

And when the ball came from the corner in the 50th minute, this time they took full advantage of it.

Portius once again tried to get to the end of Henderson’s cross, but lost it.

His presence, however, made room for Campbell, whose shot was charged.

But when the ball came to Doyle Hess, he tried a little from the edge of the box.

And although Laidlaw, who was probably blind, got his hands on it, he couldn’t keep it out.

The keeper can feel that he could have done better if the shot had come from a distance.

But for Maloney and Hubbs, it was a big goal that they were going for.

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Tilson was booked to stop Henderson because he wanted to break up the upfield quickly.

Ross Kalachan fired a wide range shot from a distance as Stagez sought an immediate response.

But Henderson should have scored two goals in the 66th minute.

Baldwin tried to get the ball out of defense but Jasper returned it.

He played in Henderson but Ledla somehow managed to bend the ball with his leg.

The keeper then denies Portius from the corner, keeping his header out.

Chris Mرller replaced Jasper in the 70th minute and Messi grabbed the Baldwin header shortly thereafter.

The county captain was booked in the 78th minute for a late goal on Josh Doug.

Doyle-Hayes again forced them to pay brilliantly as a result of a free kick.

This time M مولller’s cross was extended to the Irishman on the edge of the area.

And he took the ball to his chest before sending off a fabulous lady from Lidla.

The double goal scorer was soon booked for a foul on Kalachan.

And Ledla made a good late stop for Doug when he was seen increasing his lead.

After the strike, Jake Doyle-Hays was attacked by his Hibs teammates.


After the strike, Jake Doyle-Hays was attacked by his Hibs teammates.Credit: Andrew Barr

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