May 26, 2022

ALLOA signed Jim Goodwin to the player – but Mike Mullerney knew he had a future manager.

Nearly six years later, the chairman of Wasp was not surprised to find that Goodland has one of Scotland’s largest jobs in Aberdeen.


Mike Mullerney, chairman of Alva Athletics, knew that Jim Goodwin would be a great boss.Credit: Willie Vass – The Sun Glasgow
Goodwin took over as Aberdeen's new manager this weekend.


Goodwin took over as Aberdeen’s new manager this weekend.Credit: Kenny Ramsay

Goodwin was ending his playing career when Jack Ross took him to Alva in the summer of 2016.

Within months, Ghaffar had left for St. Maarten, and Mرllerni did not have to think twice about who would replace him.

From the moment he met Gudon, he was convinced that he would be the owner of Alva. His instincts proved to be correct.

Now, after a successful reign in St. Maarten, the Irishman has been caught red-handed by the Danes.

Mulraney believes Pataudri’s supremo Dave Carmic has a born leader because he supported the 40-year-old Goodon, which is a great achievement.

He told Sunsport“It simply came to our notice then.

“When he came to the club, he came up with a plan,” he said.

“He could have gone to clubs other than Alloa. But he chose us because we have a reputation for giving people a chance. The managers have done a good job and progressed from here and Jim can see it.

“That’s why he came to us, although after Jack left he got the job faster than expected.

“But he was clearly a leader in the park during his playing career and I was sure he would be a leader outside the park as a manager. That was it.

“Jim has always beaten me as a future manager and has turned out to be the proof of good.”

Before leaving for St. Maarten in the summer of 2019, Goodwin guided Alloa to advance to the championships and kept them there.

Paisley has had its ups and downs, but the Irishman guided his friends to two cup semi-finals and seventh place last season.

St. Mary’s is sixth when it comes to European pursuits – and Goodwin’s work has gone unnoticed.

Just Dandy Jim Goodwin unveiled Scott Brown’s remarks as the new Aberdeen boss reassured St. Mary’s fans that he had ‘not left the door’.

After the removal of Stephen Glass, Aberdeen moved quickly and Goodwin agreed to a two-and-a-half-year deal in Ptolemy.

Mulraney believes he will succeed, but also believes that Goodwin will influence any business.

He briefly worked as a salesman for Cadbury when he ended his career as a full-time footballer.

But its old Alva chairman believes football always went to Trump’s chocolate.

Mulraney added: “Jim is a capable, capable man. No matter what area he focuses on, Jim will do a good job.

“He has made his career in football management because it is his passion.

“Jim has been successful, but I’m sure it would be in any industry.

He is just a supposed person and it really helps him in all his decisions.

Goodwin will be under much more pressure in Aberdeen than in Allova or St. Marin.

Dawn has won just two trophies in 32 years, but that doesn’t stop its supporters from claiming victory.

Goodwin is expected to challenge silverware and Europe, but Mullarani is confident he will.

He said: “Jim will handle any pressure put on him, whatever environment he finds himself in. I’m really sure.

“He thinks about things and considers everything.

“So Jim is really good at evaluating his plans and then implementing them.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Like I said, he will be successful no matter what industry he decides to work in when he stops playing.”

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Mulraney has had more success with administrative appointments since arriving in Alloa more than a decade ago.

Paul Hartley guided Wasps on promotions before arranging a premiere with Dundee.

Ross is another success story, in which the former Alloa Gaffer has held several high-profile jobs since moving on.

Goodwin has joined the group of talented coaches who have honed their skills in Indodrill.

Mulraney, SFA’s vice president, refused to take credit for his progress, instead wishing he had succeeded somewhere.

But he admits he is happy that Alva has played a role in his rise as manager.

He added: “Is it a matter of pride? I would say it is a matter of great satisfaction that we have played a small role in watching these boys progress.

“It was great to have him at Alloa, but, as I always say, he would have been ready as a manager anyway.

“They are the best coaches and the best managers and I am sure they will succeed.

“The fact that we gave him his first chance at Alloa is truly amazing.

But I believe we are not responsible for their success. We are just part of it. “

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