May 28, 2022

A bargain hunting expert outlines seven ways to save cash at Pizza Hut – including how to get free food.

Getting a takeaway over the weekend is a great treat – but it can be expensive.


A smart saver has revealed money-saving hexes for use in Pizza Hut.Credit: Latest Deals

You can easily spend over £ 30 to feed the whole family – but there are ways to avoid paying the full price.

Consumer expert Tom Church, co-founder of Deals site LatestDeals, shares his seven tips for spending less at Pizza Hut.

Some of these hacks can save you cash at the click of a button – here’s what you need to know.

Sign up for the newsletter – save 20%

If customers sign up for the newsletter, Chains will often offer them special free and discounts.

Pizza Hut is no exception – you’ll need to sign up for the chain’s website and add some personal details, such as your email and phone number.

Signing up can be beneficial, says Tom: “By joining the internal list, you can get special offers like vouchers including 241 pizza, 20% off and Kids at Free.”

Download the app – Free Pizza

You can get free pizza by downloading the free Pizza Hut app through the App Store or Google Play.

On the app, you will find a section called Huts Rewards Scheme.

You will receive a “piece” – or point – for every £ 10 you spend.

Then, once you have enough, you can cash in on your slices for free.

What you get for free depends on how many slices you save.

If you save five you can get free side and if you save seven you can get free medium pizza.

But that means you have to spend £ 50 and £ 70, respectively, before you can get your free snack.

Some key workers get a 25% discount on food.

People who work for the NHS, emergency services, social care and armed men may be eligible for the Blue Light Card.

This is where you can get discounts on stores, chains and more because you are a key worker.

Pizza Hut is part of the scheme, and you only need to sign up online for one. Blue light card And enter your unique code (or show it to your server) to get a 25% discount.

How to get two for a pizza.

If you are a market comparison user, you can use the Merkit Mails app to get two for one interest on pizza.

If you have an insurance deal, credit card or other agreement with a price comparison site, you get a one-year pass to eat Merkit – two deals for one on the food on chains including Pizza Hut. Presents

To get the offer, download the Meerkat Meals app which is free to download on Google Play or App Store.

But you will have to spend at least £ 30 to get the discount.

“So if you are planning a family meal, whether it’s dinner or outing, you can save some big money by signing up for a great new broadband deal,” says Tom. ۔

Discount Schemes – Save 50%

Using restaurant discount schemes you can see up to 50% savings in your bill.

For example, a Tastecard can get you a two-course meal or 50% meal from a wide range of pubs and restaurants across the country – including Pizza Hut.

A subscription costs 34.99.

When booking a table at one of the scheme participants, you should indicate that you have a Tastecard membership.

Show your card when you arrive at the restaurant to withdraw money.

Find discount codes – up to 50% off

If you are ordering online for Techway, be sure to always look for discount codes.

The latest Deals website pages. Pizza Hut Vouchers And Delivery Dealsas well as Hot UK Deals.

Some offers may see you get a discount of up to 50% on your order – but this will depend on what the deal is at the moment.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you should also check your emails for any promotions, and call your local branch.

Get information for free.

Tom says you want to make the most of the free offer already at Pizza Hut.

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