May 27, 2022

A parent expert recommends treating your children kindly.

In particular, he advised that if children go out and refuse to wear coats, let them “freeze” because it will actually benefit them.


A parent expert says you shouldn’t argue with your children if they believe they don’t want to wear a coat – even when it’s cold.
He said it would not help the children to wear coats or do anything against their will.


He said it would not help the children to wear coats or do anything against their will.Credit: Getty

In the age of the internet shameful and granola motherhood, it seems that whatever you do as a parent will be ridiculed or judged by those who think they can be better parents.

That’s why advice like letting your kids go out without a coat may sound wild, but Heidi Smith Lewdke, a psychologist and parenting expert, says it doesn’t make you a bad parent.

In fact, he said Very well family That not forcing the crying baby to wear a jacket will teach them a useful lesson.

“Parents may feel that they have to punish their children for their mistakes or misbehavior instead of pursuing their own path in real life.”

“If your child refuses to wear his coat, let him cool down.

“If he fails to clean his room, let his toys be lost.”

He continued: “It’s tempting to engineer other results, like taking time out of video games or TV, because we don’t always believe that natural results will work.

“But over time, that is likely to change.”

The use of natural outcomes – which removes parental involvement from punishing their children and allows society or nature to react – seems to be a growing trend among parents.

For example, a teenage mother first encouraged other parents to let their children cry and feel all their emotions in public because she thinks it will teach them to grow up. How do you control your emotions?

Another mother said Kidspot That she refuses to punish her children and instead uses natural results to teach them life lessons.

She doesn’t even force her children to do homework or share with her siblings, although she admits she knows her upbringing technique is “controversial.”

Perhaps, there is some parental approach between the natural result and the direct punishment which is called the related result.

This requires punishing your child, but punishing him for what he did wrong.

For example, one mother said that when her little boys completely broke her make-up and smeared it all over the walls, she told them to clean it up instead of just spending time watching TV. Helped

This form of parenting presents natural results.


This form of parenting presents natural results.Credit: Getty

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