May 28, 2022

UNA Haley looked incredible when she floated her washboard abs in a purple bikini while on vacation in Mexico.

The 40-year-old singer smiled as she posed on the balcony of her room at Secrets the Wine in Cancun before diving into the sea.

Jonah looked incredible when he posed for the holiday.

The singer took a dip in the sea and floated her abs.

The singer took a dip in the sea and floated her abs.

Jonah, a former member of the Saturdays, said: “I’m very excited to be in Mexico for the first time.

Her followers and friends arrived to pay their respects, her former bandmate Matt Molly King wrote: “Beautiful Babe.”

Someone else commented: “You look weird.”

And another added: “Wow, you look incredible.”

Jonah’s vacation comes as he reveals that he is finally in a “good place” after divorcing Ben Foden.

They separated in 2018 after six years of marriage when he confessed to cheating on her.

A year later, Ben married his new partner, Jackie Belanov, the day he divorced Yuna, and the couple soon received their first child together.

Jonah says she focused on becoming a single, full-time mom and making a solo and media career after Saturday.

“We were constantly on the road and rarely at home,” Ona said. “We literally had a single out every three months. We were on this promo trail all the time. It’s a very different time.

“I’m thinking of becoming a working mom and a full-time mom at the same time because, you know, I have to plan their diaries and ask my parents when I’m working. Help me

“It’s different, but I’m in a better place with my life now and you know I’m capable of waking everything up.”

He recently insisted that he was in a

He recently insisted that he was in a “good place” after splitting from Ben in 2018.

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