May 21, 2022

ST MIREN doesn’t have a manager – but Livi was on track to win.

Then Greg Celtic rushes to ensure a positive ending to a day of forgetting friends.


Willie Coleman pulled out his red card.

Confirmation of Jim Goodwin’s move to Aberdeen has left St. Mary’s fans in a sad mood when they arrive in Livingston.

But all the time, he was praising his ten men as 2022’s unbeaten start continued.


Livingston: Max Strategic 7, Nicky Devlin 8, Evo Obeli 7, Jack Fitzwater 7, James Pence 7, Scott Pittman 7, Jason Holt 7, Stephen Ominga 7, Alan Forrest 7, Joel Noble 7, Bruce Anderson 7.

Green: Morgan Boys (Obeli 75) 3, Andrew Shani (Anderson 75), Sebastian Soto (Noble 75) 3

Saint Marin Jack Alnock 7, Marcus Fraser 7, Joe Shagnisi 7, Charles Dunn 7, Richard Tate 7, Alex Gojic 7, Alan Power 7, Greg Kelty 7, Connor Ronan 7, Jordan Jones 7, Alex Grave 7.

Green: Jay Henderson (Gojak 64) 4, Curtisman (Grave 71) 4, Scott Tensor (Jones 76) 3.

Player of the Match: NICKY DEVLIN represents everything good about Livi. The Lions captain did not stop running up and down on the right side as he pushed towards him. He defended well and created opportunity after opportunity. Alan Forrest was also bright, while Bruce Anderson was a nervous man. Jordan Jones had some good moments for St. Mary’s but it was a team effort to get a draw.

The man in the middle: William Coleman was surrounded by home fans as he walked down the tunnel at halftime after Levi’s attack was stopped due to a St. Mary’s injury. Some of Whistler’s decisions were random. Bookings were also made for Joel Nouble and James Penrice as home fans were angry with the referee.

Men in the dugout: JAMIE LANGFIELD took over the reins of St. Marin after Jim Goodwin and should be proud of the way his players bounced back to claim the draw. It was a difficult day for the goalkeeper coach but his players gave him everything. Levy boss David Martindale had a great performance but he will be disappointed that he never stopped to win.

Bullet coach Jamie Langfield took charge of the team after being out of Goodon and will be proud of his efforts.

St. Mary’s has played much better lately but has shown real courage, especially after Charles Dunn’s late red card.

In the frame for work with the likes of Steven Nessmith and Scott Brown, Paisley will soon be looking to the future.

And the next boss will get a side full of quality and character based on this display.

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For Levy, it was a missed opportunity. They had better chances in both halves but couldn’t find the killer touch.

Joe Shaughnessy’s crazy OG put him ahead and Davie Martindale will be harmed he couldn’t take advantage of that.

Levy missed some really good starts, and when Kilti hit, it came back to haunt him.

Langfield made no difference after a 4-0 win over Celtic Hearts in the Scottish Cup last weekend.

Buddy’s players have to worry about losing Goodon – but they have to pick themselves up.

St. Marin came out with the right attitude and the impressive Jordan Jones made the first attempt.

Greg Kelly fired in the equalizer.


Greg Kelly fired in the equalizer.

He started to run to the left but the angle was tight and he could only hit the side netting with his shot.

Bruce Anderson is in good form for Levy and he made a great start in 13 minutes.

Nicky Devlin went for a great run on the right and was ready to take the striker.

Anderson was under pressure from St. Marin’s guards and could not take his shot.

Levy was starting to create more problems, with Anderson, Alan Forrest and Joel Noble all three in front of him.

But it was defender Evo Obeli who missed the best half of the day in the 21st minute.

Levy Stars celebrated the opener


Levy Stars celebrated the opener

Forrest’s corner made a big stop but he couldn’t hit his header close to the target.

Jones and Alex Grave Livingston were trying to create problems for the back four.

The Northern Ireland winger pulled out a parrot to find a spot on the edge of the box.

But Obeli was alert to danger and came out to make a strong block on the shot.

Jason Holt used his usual tireless midfield shift for Levy and took a shot before the break.

A decent pass gave him a break from 20 yards out – but Jack Alnock saved.

Levy pushed the opener forward and the controversy erupted when referee Willy Coleman blocked the breakway.

Davy Martindale


Davy Martindale

Settler stopped play due to an injury at St. Marin’s Grave – but Levi’s players and management reacted strongly.

Friend continued after treatment, Colm took the pelters on the break.

Levy started the second half with more pressure and Noble missed a good chance.

Forrest entered the box and passed to the big striker – but he widened his shot.

Despite this, Levy continued to press and found the opener in 55 minutes.

Noble slipped a pass to the overlapping Devlin and his low cross found Anderson at the front post.

The younger striker fired the first shot at the woodwork – but then the ball bounced off Shagnesi and into the corner.

St. Marin was working hard to get back into the game but Langfield went for it as the game entered its final stages.

Introducing Jay Henderson and Curtisman – in which Levy misses Stop Obeli.

Jamie Langfield guided the Saints to one point.


Jamie Langfield guided the Saints to one point.

And it was badly missed by Martindale as St Marin equalized in the 78th minute.

Levy failed to deal with a corner and managed to squeeze a short shot near the Celtic Max Strategic.

The era ended when he started dreaming of taking three points,

Langfield pushed his team to victory, but their task was hampered when Dunn caught the Levi Sub-Sebastian Soto in the air in the 83rd minute and got a straight red.

Levy pushed but St. Marin managed to get him out of control and claim a valuable point.

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