May 27, 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly lost 8 million on a luxury apartment in Trump Tower.

The Man United star sold the nine-bed flat in New York for 28 5.28 million, 8 8 million less than the .6 13.6 million he paid for it in 2015, according to the Spanish economic news website Expansion.


Ronaldo has reportedly lost 8 million on a luxury apartment sold in Trump Tower.Credit: Splash News
He is said to have bought the apartment for 13.6 million.


He is said to have bought the apartment for 13.6 million.Credit: Splash News

The prestigious news portal said the price was affected by the notoriety of former US President Donald Trump, who owns the historic 58-story skyscraper that served as the Trump organization’s headquarters.

In April 2017, an online petition was launched by critics of Trump urging 37-year-old Cristiano to get rid of the 2,510-square-foot pad.

The Washington Post echoed a petition accusing Trump of violating human rights just months after his presidency, saying it was Cristiano’s “duty to do business with him.” Refuse to take a stand against your fascist policies and ideologies. “

The apartment is believed to have been sold at the end of last year, but has just been reported.

Cristiano, the father of four, is set to expand his family in April when partner Georgina Rodriguez gives birth to twins, estimated to be less than £ 370 million in total, so he has to worry more about the hiccups of his property. Will not be required.

He owns two flats in Lisbon, including a £ 6 million apartment in the Portuguese capital that has been described as the most expensive apartment ever sold in Portugal.

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The frontman of Maine United is building a new mansion on a large plot of land in Quinta da Marinha on the so-called Portuguese Riviera, half an hour from Lisbon Airport and ten minutes from the center of the coastal town of Cascais. Is.

Cristiano also owns a 8 4.8 million mansion on the Forted Estate in La Fanca, near Madrid.

And the footballer’s realm of property extends to his native island of Madeira, where he owns a seven-story apartment block overlooking the Atlantic Ocean where his mother Dolores and older brother Hugo and his family live.

It was confirmed earlier this week that Cristiano is opening a new hair clinic in the Spanish city of Valencia next month as he moves towards “global dominance” in one of his major business investments.

Insparya already has several clinics in Portugal and two in Spain – one in Madrid and the other in Marbella.

And it is at the forefront of its hotel and CR7 lifestyle brand business, even though Cristiano’s sister Elma Aveiro recently announced the closure of the Madeira clothing store named after the footballer.

Last year, Cristiano’s family closed a restaurant in Madeira, and the CR7 clothing store in Vilmora on Elgarve closed its doors in 2020, leaving Madeira the only surviving CR7 store after less than expected sales.

Cristiano’s partner Georgina Rodriguez is one of the directors of Inspire.

It was revealed last week that he has signed a mega-box deal to star in the second series of the hit Netflix show about his rich life with rags.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford and the relocation of the former store worker to Manchester following the birth of his twins in April will be very prominent in the new ‘I Am Georgina’ offer.

Georgina Rodriguez once revealed that she was


Georgina Rodriguez once revealed that she was “lost” in Ronaldo’s مل 5 million Madrid mansion.Credit: Netflix / I’m Georgina.
The Ronaldo family is set to expand in April.


The Ronaldo family is set to expand in April.Credit: News Flash

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