May 22, 2022

Huddled outside the traditional pub, we eagerly await our tour guide.

Suddenly, a loud horn interrupts our murmur, and we see a person dressed in leather and holding a string of arrows.


Nottingham has a fascinating history for tourists.Credit: Shutterstock

Ezekial Bone has been leading the multi-award winning Robin Hood Town Tour since 2012 and there is not a part of Nottingham that he does not know like the back of his hand.

Whether it’s showing you the underground caves hidden under some of the city’s buildings or pointing to urinals by drunks of the past, this tour is definitely eye-opening.

At least that’s because Robin Hood’s original story doesn’t look like a Disney cartoon version. But it’s just as interesting.

This historic city was once the home of folklore and many of its stories are scattered in the streets and famous places.

This tour is great for children but it is the adults who can make the most of the final destination, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, known as the oldest inn in England.

Instead of accepting a tip and marching with your cheerful men, “Robin” will join you for a pint, whatever you want to know about the city, whether it’s for dinner. Where to go or what activities are nearby.

Secret tunnels.

Once you have learned how Robin took from the rich to give to the poor, there are many more dates left to sink into your teeth.

The most famous and beautiful attraction is Nottingham Castle, in the city center and close to all the shops and restaurants.

Fresh from its مل 30 million restoration, the exterior of the building is a sight to behold. But there is something inside that is really magical.

Most read in the Scottish Sun.

Book a 25-minute tour of the cave, where you are guided through secret tunnels, and trace the footsteps of the royal family who called it home.

Or, if you’re more interested in culture, the castle hosts regular exhibitions and installations, the latest of which was about local fashion designer Paul Smith.

After a busy day at our feet, including a trip to the National Justice Museum where we told stories of past inmates, we were thankful for a cup of tea at the Bromley House Library near Old Bazaar Square.

This is a beautiful place to relax with Kappa and a good book. The varnished wooden shelves are full of historical works as well as modern myths and there is a Narnia wardrobe in the children’s entertainment section.

If you really want to amaze the little ones, head to Walton Hall, a fabulous mansion and deer park on the city’s beautiful suburbs.

Above Elizabeth’s building you will find tights, a huge T-Rex with a beastly structure the first of its kind to be shown in England for over a century.

Terrifying as the dinosaurs themselves, we grabbed a table at Annie’s Burger Shake, where the stuffed burgers are ugly, yet undoubtedly delicious.

There’s a peanut butter patty and even a whole roast dinner burger, with roast chicken, yorkshire pudding, stuffing, small roast potatoes and smoothies in gravy.

For something more traditional, head to Jospines, a tarot room where you can step back in time with Glenn Miller’s voice and a fading afternoon tea that will make you wander around your hotel room. ۔

Need a night hat? In Nottingham’s bustling free zone, Hawkeley Arts Club offers cocktails to compete with Willie Wonka’s masterpieces.

And believe me, taking a sip of a strong tuple adorned with Twister Lovely is the only ticket after a long day of searching.

Nottingham Castle has recently been renovated for 30 million.


Nottingham Castle has recently been renovated for 30 million.Credit: Shutterstock
Tour guides can help you learn about Nottingham's rich history.


Tour guides can help you learn about Nottingham’s rich history.Credit: Shutterstock
Be sure to grab a pint at one of England's oldest pubs


Be sure to grab a pint at one of England’s oldest pubsCredit: Journey to the Sun.

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