May 28, 2022

This is the terrible moment when the killer hurricane Younes hit a tree with a London bus in the winds of 122 miles per hour.

The shocking dash cam footage captures the dramatic moment that fell directly on the bus route to Catford Bridge on Buggin Hill in Broomely.


The bus heading to Catford Bridge collided with a falling tree in Hurricane Younes.Credit: SWNS
In the footage, the bus was plowing through a falling tree.


In the footage, the bus was plowing through a falling tree.Credit: SWNS

The bus was filmed driving around a bend in horrific conditions, passing through rows of tall trees.

A bubble tree suddenly fell in the path of oncoming vehicles.

The footage showed the bus falling and plowing through a tree as its branches broke the windscreen.

An explosion of debris from a large tree falling to the ground shattered the road and nearby cars.

No one was seriously injured in the crash.

Four people have been killed after Hurricane Younis swept through the British Isles yesterday.

Bad conditions led to travel chaos, flight cancellations, power cuts and police force blackouts.

A woman in her 30s died after a tree fell on a car in Muswell Hill, north London, on Friday afternoon – the first confirmed death in England involving Younes.

A man died in the 1950s in the Mercury Side of the Netherlands when debris hit the windscreen of a car in which he was traveling.

Another man in the 20’s was killed in Alton, Hampshire when a Mercedes-Benz sprinter pickup crashed into a tree on Old Odeham Road just before noon.

The tree – which is thought to be at least 10 feet tall – crashed sharply and fell into a large residential street with a speed limit of 30 mph.

Emergency workers were seen wearing bloody clothes as they fought to save the wounded.

And in Wexford, Ireland, a man was killed when a tree fell on him while he was working with a colleague.

A spokesman for the council said: “It is with deep sadness and regret that Wexford County Council confirms that one of our employees was fatally injured in a workplace accident earlier today.

The accident happened as the employee was walking to the scene of a fallen tree in the North Wexford area.

The employee’s family, N. Garda Seuchna and the Health and Safety Authority have been notified.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the employee’s family, co-workers and friends in this difficult time.”

Police confirmed that the man was pronounced dead at the scene and that an autopsy would be performed in due course.

Travel chaos

Elsewhere, three people were taken to hospital – one seriously injured – after a tree fell on a car in Wiltshire, while two others were injured when a balcony collapsed in London.

And a truck driver escaped unhurt after his HGV was blown up on the M40 near Bicester in Oxfordshire.

Severe weather conditions have led to two rare red weather warnings, meaning “life threatening.”

According to the Meteorological Department, this storm is the highest recorded in England.

In Croydon, stunning footage shows pedestrians kicking their feet.

Part of the O2 roof was also cracked, with staff warning that the venue could be closed for months.

The London Fire Brigade announced a major event after an increase of 999 calls – 550 were recorded between 10.30am and 1pm, which was higher than the average number typically found in 24 hours.

Massive damage, disruptions and record-breaking gusts of wind have begun today.

Repair bills across the country are reportedly expected to rise to more than 500 million – the cost of insurance claims will surpass the ia 360 million bill in 2020 from Hurricanes Ciara and Dennis.

Homeowners will have to pay a lot of money to replace the broken fences and collapsed walls as insurance companies are willing to pay a lot more.

And the Met Office warned that a fresh wave of strong winds and snowfall could “hamper recovery efforts from Hurricane Younis.”

Areas covered by the warning could face more bridge closures, travel delays and further power cuts on Saturday.

Travel disruptions will continue throughout the day once the deadly storm clears.

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