May 23, 2022

A leading British rugby player was arrested in January on suspicion of sexual assault, but his lawyers say the BLM supporter was named because of “reporting restrictions” (in 21st century Britain). I can’t take

Because we exposed the identity of the high profile player last Sunday in the public interest. Political Journalists have faced horrific threats, including voicemail, disturbing repeated silent calls, and death threats against journalists and our family members.

That’s because we reported on England and Sail Shark Rugby S. [CENSORED] [CENSORED] Arrested for allegedly raping a young man brought to the home of a prostitute in Gorton, Manchester on January 9, 2022.

Her lawyers forced us – a news outlet in a supposedly “free country”, aided and abetted by GMP, to remove a fact-checking news out of fear for the safety of their loved ones. of the – [CENSORED] [CENSORED] He is also accused of threatening a sex worker involved.

Sandra Natonia accused [CENSORED] [CENSORED] When he found the victim in his spare room, he threatened him: “If you hit me, you’re gone … I could send people and you’ll be gone in 15 minutes. I’m not a gangster but I know people.

The Guardian reported this in 2018. Threats The number of journalists and publishers has more than doubled in ten years.

Welcome to the two-tiered preview of the “Walk Britain” by Care Starmer, former CPS chief in Labor-administered Greater Manchester, once again… Protection Accused Celebrity sex offenders.

Players activist lawyers – based in Liberal London Bubbles, (again – Labor-administered Cesspit) argued that the case could not be reported until the Greater Manchester Police investigation was completed.

Opportunity will be a good thing.

Power was found Failure to respond to the weak victims of crime in a royal inquiry by the Maharaja in 2021.

Manchester United protest: Arrest for 'hostility' against police - BBC News

There was strength. Explained As having a culture of “denial, ambiguity and privacy” Manchester Evening News In 2020

Boris Johnson Kept Following the disclosure of the force to the GMP in 2021 under “Special Measures” Failed Reporting more than 80,000 crimes.

In the 2000s, Gordon Brown’s Labor government and police forces across the UK were accused of “hiding” Britain’s most horrific grooming scandal, in which 1,000 girls were raped, beaten and even killed. – A decade later, nothing really has changed.

“He was not even charged,” his lawyer argued in an email – and police are backing him.

Do you know who else? “Not even charged ” With a sexual offense? Prince Andrew, the beloved son of his majesty and veteran of the Falklands War.

Prince Andrew holds a rose in his mouth as he and his mother, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (right) return from the Falkland Islands in 1983 on the invincible HMS. Princess Anne is behind Prince Andrew.

It was a fair game for the left-wing British monarchy that hated globalist mainstream media.

Randy is Andy. Accused To engage Agreed Sex with a 17 year old.

Virginia was Geffery. Flew across The world to meet a fearless prince, and he is accused. Participated With steamy orgies Nine The other women on one Private billionaire island – Far behind Gorton on the left.

Seen from above, the stern rows of rooftop houses in Gorton, Manchester.  Stock Image - Autumn Photo, Houses: 164044409

she was Paid One eye water 12 million For his so-called “shock” of willingly shaking a royal prince in the Caribbean sun. What does a teenage girl who was allegedly abused in Manchester get? Denial, ambiguity and secrecy.

The Liberal Press in the United States and Britain celebrated Field Day with Prince Andrew – and reporting now threatens to destroy the Queen’s Jubilee and the British monarchy as well.

Yet the story of a poor working class victim who was allegedly abused by two elite rugby players in England through two solid sources is being blocked by a gagging order.

One was Westminster’s source; the other? … Key Witness He traced the alleged victim and claimed to have called the police on the client of his high paid celebrity.

Sandra Natonia – who reported the alleged sexual offense to Greater Manchester Police last month, confirmed the player’s identity Political.

Sandra, 41, said in particular Political“It happened in my house, under my roof.”

“All my beds are gone for DNA.”

Cell Shark has since blocked Sandra on Twitter, and the player’s lawyers have threatened the sex worker and forced him to remove the tweets.

He also accused the player of abusing him and attacking him at his home.

“[Players lawyer] I have nothing to sue! “Said Ntonya.

“I was arrested just because he was [GMP] I had to get to the bottom of it. ”

“I saw the girl in the morning. I am cooperating with the police.”

“I was shocked when I was arrested. But now I understand why.”

“There are women who offer sex to rich men like Epstein at any cost.”

“I’m not that woman,” Sandra added.

So we ask why there is an issue in the press about an alleged “sex offender” supporting a rugby player for just one waking black life meter, for which he has not been charged, yet Okay fine. A member of the royal family?

Simple one woke up, others are waking up.

If we want to take into account all role models and members of public life, it must be on equal terms.

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