As A Round-By-Round, Special K Dominated The Match With A Brutal Stoppage Of The Sixth Round

Kyle Brook can finally claim the right to brag about his bitter rival Aamir Khan – after ten years of dominating his bitter match.

Brooke was, after all, his fiercest opponent in the ring, and he made no mistake after all these years of talking in the trash and moving on.

Kyle Brook defeated his longtime rival Aamir Khan on Saturday night. Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

Khan never looked at the race and may regret not agreeing to fight during his glorious prime.

Here Sunsport takes you into the battle of every age.

Round 1

Khan starts on the hind legs, throws his jaw at the head and body, and takes the first meaningful shot of boxing.

But a combination shakes Khan badly when Brooke’s left fork sends him to his trembling legs.

Once again, the 2004 silver medalist was stunned by a combination that survived until the bell rang.

Sheffield boxer set up a clinic to destroy Aamir Khan. Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

Round 2

The left fork steals Khan’s chin when Brooke comes out quickly.

Khan loses his grip, causing Brooke to fall under the duck and push his opponent back with a sharp counter.

Brooke lands on a big right hand but Khan responds with a combination of one and two, which causes his Sheffield opponent to grab this time.

Special K was in his class at AO Arena in Manchester. Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

Round 3

Khan is making good use of his jaw and taking off a good left hook, scoring with another big shot as Brooke holds.

But Brooke responds quickly with a big left hook, the right-handed combination lands on the ground and Khan sinks again and is in trouble.

Khan is locked in the corner because Brock Bolton also puts pressure on the man to throw him on the floor, which is not knocked out.

Aamir Khan had no answer to Kyle Brooke in his rude match. Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

Round 4

Khan comes out quickly with a collection, realizing that the fight is getting out of his grasp.

He put his right hand on the top ground for Brooke but Khan took it and scored an excellent counter soon after.

Another big right hand for Brooklands came late and Khan sat in the corner again, it seemed he was running out of time and space.

Round 5

The right-hand makes a clean land for Brooke, Khan is left to retreat as Special One pushes, looking for completion.

Khan sent for the ropes when Brooke hit him around the ring with a stick and pushed him from corner to corner.

The big counter left Hookland for Khan, Brooke left the balance but did not follow up.

Kyle Brook put pressure on his struggling opponent. Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

Round 6

Khan is shaken by a jolt and is once in trouble and surrounded.

Brooke is releasing his hand and Khan is putting on the veil, which has little left to offer.

Khan has been stopped on the ropes and Brock has led the most important night of his career to a famous victory.

Aamir Khan was finally stopped in round six. Credit: Richard Pelham / The Sun.

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