Boris Johnson Warns That Russian Attacks On Ukraine Are Already In Motion And That The Attack Will Shock The World

Boris Johnson warned today that Russia is planning “the biggest war in Europe since 1945” because Putin intends to “attack and besiege Kyiv.”

This comes at a time when the world is waiting to see what Russia will do next – when there are signs that plans to invade Ukraine have “already begun.”

Boris Johnson, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, issued a stern warning to Ukraine.Credit: Reuters

A Russian Marine manages his position during exercises in Belarus.Credit: 

Russian tanks move during military exercises in Belarus.Credit: AP

Asked if he thought Russia’s attack was imminent, Mr Johnson told the BBC: “I’m afraid the evidence points to that, there’s no jealousy.

“The fact is that all the signs are that the project has already, in a sense, begun.”

The PM also warned Putin that he would face “bloodshed and suffering” for decades if his troops invaded Ukraine.

Putin is feared to be amassing a force of 200,000 troops, with tanks, artillery, and armored vehicles on the shores of the former Soviet state.

Russia and Ukraine have been at loggerheads since Kyiv began approaching the West – which is why Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and incited separatists in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas to take up arms.

Yesterday, Mr. Johnson told world leaders that Russia’s attack on Ukraine now appeared “most likely” according to intelligence – and later said that the attack appeared to be “already in motion”.

“If Ukraine is attacked, the whole world will be shocked,” the prime minister said in a cold warning during his speech at the Munich Security Conference.

Asked if he agreed with the US assessment that the Russian leader had made up his mind to attack the capital, Kyiv, he told broadcasters: “I think things are moving.

“But the question is, can all this be taken back, and is the Russian president still able to end this operation?”

He added: “Imagine an invasion of Ukraine, a country of 45 million people, which is geographically the second largest country in Europe after Russia itself – a very powerful place.

“You can’t stop it. There will be a long, violent, bloody uprising that will kill young Russians as well as Ukrainians.”

Boris insisted there was still time for a diplomatic solution, and said the attack would be a “crazy, destructive plan” for Russia.

Shock And Fear

And now all eyes are on the relatively small region, which is currently controlled by two pro-Russian rebel groups, the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR).

Ukraine, Russia, and separatist clashes have been reported in the region, pointing fingers at each other.

There are reports of artillery shelling on Russia’s borders, at least two Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, and loud explosions have been heard throughout Donbas.

Both separatist groups ordered a mass evacuation yesterday after accusing Ukraine of planning a large-scale attack – including allegations that Kyiv was going to blow up a chemical plant.

And now both have announced that their troops will be “fully mobilized.”

Violence has been reported in Donetsk since the morning with at least one car bomb blast.

That’s the way it is.:

Boris said the West had “hope and confidence” that Vladimir Putin could still be dealt with rationally.

And he warned that Moscow’s use of force against Ukraine would be a “real test” for NATO, but did not say whether coalition forces should intervene directly.

He warned that an attack by Putin would lead to the “destruction of a democratic state.”

The PM also promised to impose more sanctions on Russia if Putin attacked and promised to take Russian money in London.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also met with Boris, and the late himself delivered a speech – urging NATO members to be honest about whether they wanted to include Kyiv in the alliance.

The 44-year-old leader stood up before receiving the remarks, calling on the world to learn “terrible lessons from history” and criticizing the international community for trying to please Russia. Is.

“The principles that the world agreed on decades ago are no longer working. They do not live with new threats. They are not effective in overcoming them. When you need a coronavirus vaccine, It’s a cough syrup, “he said.

The Georgian Legion, a paramilitary unit formed in 2014 to fight Russian forces in Ukraine, is ready for war. Credit: AP

Ukraine is on the brink of collapse as troops gather on its doorstep. Credit: AP

Elsewhere, Biden said he believed Putin had decided to invade Ukraine.

Biden said the attack would take place next week or days – but left the door open for a diplomatic solution.

“Russia has a choice between war and all the suffering that comes with it, or diplomacy that will shape the future for all,” Biden said at the White House on Friday.

The United States says an attack on Ukraine’s borders with an estimated 149,000 Russian troops – close to 190,000, including Russian-backed separatist forces – is inevitable.

The Russians have never provided any statistics on the deployment on the border with Ukraine, nor how many neighboring countries are taking part in the ongoing exercises with Belarus.

Raising concerns, Putin personally oversaw the scheduled missile launch exercises on Saturday.

Biden added: “He is focused on trying to convince the world that he can change dynamics in Europe in a way that he cannot.”

It is feared that Putin could use the growing chaos in Donbas as an excuse to move his troops.

Western intelligence officials have repeatedly suggested that Walad could use a “false flag” – a phased attack or threat to justify an attack.

Russia is also accusing Russia of genocide, with Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claiming that life in the Donbas is “hell” for ethnic Russians.

Amid fears of a war between Russia and Ukraine, the bomber struck shortly after noon in Donbas.Credit: Getty

A tent camp has been set up by the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry for those evacuated from Donbas.Credit: Getty

A scene from a gas pipeline blast amid growing controversyCredit: Getty

And in the meantime, Putin has signed orders to call in tens of thousands of Army and Secret Service reserves.

Kyiv has denied allegations by rebel groups that they were planning an imminent attack on Donbas.

The Ukrainian military said on Saturday it had recorded 12 ceasefire violations in the morning after 66 incidents in the past 24 hours by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Separatist officials also said that Ukrainian forces shelled several villages on Saturday.

Both sides regularly accuse each other of violating the ceasefire.

Authorities told local media that 25,000 people had left Luhansk and more than 6,000 had fled Donetsk to Russia. There are reports of long queues at checkpoints in Donetsk.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, attending the Munich Security Conference, warned that the size of the assembled Russian army was too large for military exercises and that Russia was capable of attacking without warning.

Vladimir Putin is believed to be preparing for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.Credit: AFP

Boris Johnson with Vladimir Zelensky, President of UkraineCredit: AFP

Joe Biden has urged Russia to step down. Credit: AP

France and Germany have urged Russia to use its influence with rebels in Ukraine’s disputed east to “encourage tolerance and play a role in easing tensions”.

But on the ground, the escalation of clashes has created a powerful sense of dread.

OSCE monitors said on Saturday that they had seen a significant increase in the number of frontline attacks, especially in the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Authorities told local media that 25,000 people had left Luhansk and more than 6,000 had fled Donetsk to Russia. There are reports of long queues at checkpoints in Donetsk.

Trying to change the offensive statement, Moscow-backed leaders have accused Kyiv of planning an offensive to retake the eastern territories. The evacuation is said to have been in response to fears of a government strike.

Russian news agencies quoted officials in Luhansk as saying that two explosions occurred within an hour in the gas pipeline but the fire was contained.

But US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken, who, according to Biden, will meet with his Russian counterpart for talks on Thursday, accused the Kremlin of waging a propaganda campaign under the pretext of war.

Biden once again refused to send US troops to Ukraine, but his administration reiterated that it would impose costly sanctions on Moscow that would turn Russia into a “paradox for the world community.”

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