George Russell Has No Chance Of Beating Lewis Hamilton, Claims Former Mercedes Teammate Voltaire Bottas

George Russell has been warned that he has no chance of beating Lewis Hamilton.

Russell, 24, is Hamilton’s new partner at Mercedes this season after spending three years on loan at Williams.

Hamilton and Russell are new partners in Mercedes.Credit: Daimler AG

The seven-time champion is ready for the 2022 season. Credit: Daimler AG

Kings Lin’s racer has been highly rated by the Merck Chiefs.

When he stood for the coveted Hamilton in the Bahrain GP in 2020, he came close to winning his debut for the team.

But former Hamilton teammate Voltaire Bottas says Britain’s seven-time world champion is unbeaten in just one car.

Botas – who will now drive for the Alfa Romeo with Mercedes five years later – told Sunsport: “I don’t see Lewis hitting anyone else in the same machinery shortly.

“George will be well adjusted as he has been with Mercedes for some years now.

“But it’s not easy to beat Lewis. I’ve experienced it. It’s consistency in his performance.

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“Every driver has a shape that is a bit up and down, but the basis for performance is very large.

“Even when his day is bad, it’s not too bad. It’s his consistency throughout the season.

“Another key strength is its ability to adapt to different situations, its ability to react to changes, whether it’s setup or whatever.

“This and his racecraft. His tire management is a special skill and all these things go hand in hand with talent.

“And he puts in the work that most people don’t see, so it’s hard to beat.

“I’m proud that in my day, I’ve managed to beat him. But one season is not always enough to beat him.

Botas’ departure from Mercedes came in the wake of the controversy in Abu Dhabi when Hamilton was stripped of another championship after the race director broke the rules.

Art was treated as a guard of honor when he left the team’s Brackley headquarters for the last time.

Botas doesn’t see Hamilton, including Russell, ‘beating someone else credit: PA

Botas, with wife Tiffany Cromwell, now races with Alfa Romeo.Credit: Getty

He left on good terms when he learned that Merck was putting Russell in his place – then he found himself in a multi-year contract at Alfa Romeo.

Bottas, 32 – once dubbed the best “wingman” for Hamilton, 37, by boss Tutu Wolf – now with 22-year-old rookie Gunio Zoo, his role as the No. 1 driver for his new team. Enjoying

Botas added: “When I joined Mercedes, it was difficult for me to take the lead because Lewis was there.

“Being on his team, it was always difficult for me to play that important role.

“So now it’s different for me and a new beginning – and it feels good to have this central character.

“Part of me is always missing out on working at Mercedes. Now that I’ve started looking back at my time there, I’ve tried to take all my positive moments.

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“There were great moments and I enjoyed working with Lewis and Tutu, but I’m also excited about my new chapter.

“I am confident that after my experience with Williams and five years at Mercedes, I will be able to help the team move forward.

“I feel comfortable with my character. Yes, there is a responsibility and I have a commitment to the team, but it’s interesting.

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