Hurricane: Dairy City And Strauben District Council Confirm The Devastation Of The Illuminati Festival Storm On Sunday

With strong winds expected tomorrow, the decision was made to “cancel Sunday night’s Illuminati event in the interest of both staff and the general public.”

A spokesman for the council said: “In view of the potential health and safety hazards, we will ask people to stay safe and at home.

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“We’re still encouraging people to wrap up warmly and come out to enjoy this evening’s program between 6 pm and 9 pm, or next week, Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th February at 6 pm. Wait for the Illuminati to return from 9 pm to 9 pm. “

Sunday’s bad weather is predicted to be worse than Hurricane Younes in northwestern Ireland, while Met Eireann wrote on his website: “Sunday will be a wet and very hot day with strong winds. There will be strong winds along with southwesterly winds.

This new event – the first for Derry City and the Strauben area – uses digital technology to bring to life some of the city’s most dramatic historical moments, from the siege to the arrival of Amelia Erhart, two weekend live installations. , Performances, and music sets. February 17-20 and 24-27 to light up Walled City.

Funded by Tourism Northern Ireland as part of its Embrace a Giant Spirit campaign, Illuminate will revitalize the city center with a series of fascinating outdoor experiences that complement one of the intimate live music gigs. Made through the series. It’s also a time to celebrate the wealth of talent that makes the city a proud cultural center with an intimate live performance program led by Music Capital.

Interesting music acts that have been confirmed as part of the festival include Kila, Henry Girls, and Aoife Scott. They will be joined by some of our best local artists, including Glenn Rossbro, Rowe and John Derry and The Heads, Comrade Hat, Claude Dog May Music, Kate O’Callaghan, and Basark who promise to be a great musical showcase. ۔ Artists will perform in intimate environments such as Guild Hall, St. Augustine’s Church, Echo Eco Studios, and the Contemporary Center of the Arts.

A glimpse of some of the live animations that will be featured on some of the city’s most famous buildings that capture snapshots of local history during the Illuminati.

Inaugurating the event at Guild Hall, which has been dramatically revived by the magic of digital mapping, Mayor Alderman Graham Warke said he was delighted to see people’s confidence return. “The Illuminate is a brand new experience unique to the city, and it has transformed the city center through the wonders of digital technology. I’m glad we were able to start our festive year in such a magical way. Are, and have been able to see a lot of people here this evening.

“We’ve had such a hard time, it’s great to see people regain their confidence in the events and to be able to enjoy the things we love the most. The festival should focus on the theme of light, as we emerge from what has been a period of real darkness for many people. It is a historic city, steeped in culture and heritage, and illuminates all of these elements. I think it really effectively captures our sense of place and what makes this city special.

Minister for Communities Derridre Harge said: “The Illuminati Festival will bring the most needy people to Dairy City Center and give much-needed impetus to local retailers. I am pleased that my department contributes through the COVID-19 Recovery Revitalization Project. Has been successful in helping the city and the city centers as they recover from the effects of infectious diseases.

Ciaran Doherty, Head of Regions for Tourism NI, said: “Such events are vital to our local economy and help increase the tourism profile of Northern Ireland. Tourism NI through our Market Lead Product Development Council I am delighted to support this exciting new addition to the innovative and exciting portfolio of Illuminati. Will

More information about the full program, including traffic and travel information, is available at

Tickets for the Intimate Music Experience are currently on sale and are expected to sell out quickly due to limited numbers – See more details about gigs and how to book tickets – at www.musiccapital .org

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