Kyle Brooke’s remarkable rise, from the humble Sheffield background to the stabbing of two knives before being honored as IBF Champion

Kyle Brook will meet Aamir Khan at Manchester’s AO Arena in the ring for his eagerly anticipated fight.

The Yorkshire striker, 35, will try to end his feud when he first takes off on Saturday.

Brooke faces rivals Aamir Khan on Saturday Credit:

Brooke has enjoyed a significant increase in his humble beginnings at a Sheffield council house.
And the man with the nickname Special K has overcome two stabbings to keep his boxing dream alive.
In 2014, he defeated Sean Porter to win the IBF Welterweight title.
Outside of the ring, he has the loving support of his glamorous wife, Lindsay, who is always happy with her beauty.


Brooke started boxing when he was just nine years old at Steel City’s Angle Gym.
His father took him in to help his son run his energy more positively.
The names of the homes of Johnny Nelson and Prince Naseem Hameed prove to be a safe haven for Jim Brook, who is steeped in history.
He impressed his trainers with his abilities and started his amateur career at just 12 years old.
In 2003, he fought for England in the Four Nations Junior Tournament – and won a gold medal. A few days later, at just 18, he became a pro.

Big Dreams

Brooke went through a series of gears early in his boxing career, winning belts and gaining recognition.

Eddie Hearn set Brock’s career to 2020.Credit: Mark Robinson – The Sun.

In 2008, he knocked out Barry Jones and won the vacant British Welterweight title.

Then, almost two years later, in six rounds, he quickly sent Paul Krzysztof Bیاnسs.

Brooke extended his title in 2012 by defeating Ricky’s younger brother Matthew Hatton by a unanimous decision.

But, away from the ring, he was involved in abrasions that could have diminished his sporting achievements.


Before becoming the British champion, Brooke had to stab himself in the buttocks after an incident in his hometown.

However, the worst was in 2012 when they were on vacation in Tenerife.

Once he befriended the punters, he ended up in an apartment with another man.

Things got ugly in the early hours after drinking – Brooke claims he was attacked without provocation.

The man struck Brooke three times in the thigh with a knife.

He told Daily the boy was standing over me, screaming and swearing. I was trying to run away.

“I was thinking of my daughter, I have to run away from there. I was drenched in blood, terrified, feeling very weak and vulnerable to bleeding. I was afraid for my life. “

Brooke’s first thoughts during the attack were about her family. Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

Brooke managed to escape and was found on the road before being taken to hospital.

His injuries required 32 metal staples, but in reality, it could have been much worse.

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After two years of fear in Spain, Brock will achieve his greatest success.

Fighting at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California, he became the IBF World Welterweight Champion with a majority decision over former champion Sean Porter – a clear favorite.

Landing on 158 of his 441 thrown punches, he outboxed the American to claim the title.

After that, he jokingly revealed that he hadn’t slept for three days just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

He told BBC “I think I have to say. [The highlight would be] Winning the world title.

“Obviously, going to Carson, California, USA – its backyard – and winning world honors.

“I couldn’t sleep for three days because I was afraid that if I fell asleep I would wake up and it would be a dream. I swear I was walking in the air.”

Hasn’t everything been a simple plane?

With 39 wins in 42 fights, Brooke has already sealed his legacy in British boxing.

There has been some frustration along the way, though.

Last time, he lost to Terrence Crawford for the WBO Welterweight title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – who delivered an unforgivably fatal blow to knock out his opponent.

Interestingly, the judges rounded up Brock for leading the fight before the TKO.

Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr. are the other two fighters who have managed to get better than Brooke in the ring with their first defeat against Triple G.

Mrs. Brooke

Brooke often joins the ring after a fight with his other half, Lindsay.

However, she prefers to keep her private life out of sight and not much is known about her personally.

Beautiful Lindsay has three daughters with Brooke.Credit: Don’t know, clear with picture desk

Neva was born in 2012 and Estelle was welcomed three years later, just months before Brooke’s furious attack.

Their third daughter, born in Vienna in 2019, is now three years old.

Should Kail win against Khan, you can bet he has something to celebrate.

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