Meet Widdle Rally Who Trained YouTube Star KSI To Fight Logan Paul And Signed By Floyd Mayweather

The British Cruiser Wet Weedley Rally is a man on a mission.

The 24-year-old Hackney-born boxer will be seen on the undercard of Aamir Khan vs. Kyle Brook at Manchester Arena.

Live: Khan vs. Brooke latest updates

British cruiserweight Viddal Riley Khan vs. Brooke is seen on the undercard. Credit: PA: Press Association

Riley gained popularity as the head coach of KSI.Credit: Instagram

This is the latest chapter in the blooming career of the 6ft 1in wrestler, which gained momentum when he trained YouTuber KSI for his two exhibition matches against Logan Paul.

Her mastery of color saw her through Mayweather Promotions, and she is now trained by Floyd’s father, Jeff.

If Coulter is likely to face a 4-0 lead, he will continue on the path he started as a little boy.

Viddal Riley Instagram ,

Amateur Hours

As a six-year-old in East London, Riley took advantage of his environment in the Borough of Haranga and started boxing in one of the many local Jammu.

It was his father, Derek, who introduced his son to the sport, and he demonstrated his power through the amateur ranks.

In ten years he has won several titles, including eight national championships and one European Junior Silver Medal.

In 2014, that team became the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympian for GB.

His amateur record was 41-8 – with 19 knockouts.

Riley started boxing at the age of six. Credit: PA: Press Association

In 2018, Rally backed and defeated all four of its opponents. Credit: PA: Press Association

Mayweather Confirmed.

In 2018, Riley went on to become a personal trainer after concluding meetings.

It was signed at Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweather Promotions, in which CEO Leonard Ellerby spoke about his new discovery potential.

“We are thrilled to have this young man on our list,” said Ellerby

“He knows he has a big hand in guiding his career in the right direction, and he has the support of the whole UK.

“Weedle Rally is a complete package across the board and its charisma will take it a long way. We look forward to seeing what its future holds and we welcome it to the Mayweather Promotions team.”

The rally was equally chuffed.

“Signing Mayweather promotions is the biggest sign of my career so far,” Riley revealed.

The rally was scheduled for Nov. 28 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tyson vs. Jones Jr. undercard. Credit: Instagram

Floyd Mayweather is potentially watching the rally, which has been signed into Mayweather Promotions. Credit: Instagram

Signing for Mayweather Promotions is the biggest success of Rally’s career so far. Credit: Getty Images – Getty Images

“I am now associated with one of the biggest names in boxing. I want to make a similar history after reaching the heights of my career with the help of Mayweather Promotions and my team.

“My future goal in boxing is to become a fighter who can sell the fields and make big PPV numbers like Legend, Floyd Mayweather.

“If you don’t know the name yet, it’s Viddal Riley. Expect fun in multiple forms and color my IQ over the years.”

You Must Have Seen It Before.

If Riley’s face looks familiar, you may have seen him under the guise of a YouTube sensation KSI trainer.

Before the fight against Logan Paul, Vidal became the head coach of the Internet personality.

More than 40 million KSI fans must have watched Riley push the YouTuber to the limit of his physical abilities.

And KSI believes it has a future champion in its corner.

As KSI head coach Riley trained YouTuber to compete against Logan Paul.Credit: Instagram

Riley gained a lot of popularity with new audiences due to its affiliation with KSI.Credit: PA: Press Association

“The first time I met him, I knew he was something special,” KSI revealed.

“It helped me become the animal I am today in boxing.

“Now that he has signed up with Mayweather Promotions, for me, the award is now on the rocks. Get ready for the Widdle Rally!”

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