Our £ 750,000 Home Was Destroyed When A Large Oak Tree Hit The Roof In Hurricane Younes

A £ 750,000 family home was destroyed when a large oak tree crashed into its roof during Hurricane Younes.

The 400-year-old oak tree was uprooted by winds of 122 miles per hour, damaging part of a detached house in Stondon Macy, north of Brentwood.

A huge oak tree crashed into the property. Credit: PA

Mr Good said the family went to the pub again. Credit: PA

Swann was in the room below where the tree hitCredit: PA

Dominic Good, 57, was in the middle of a work conference call at his home on Friday morning when he was stopped by an “almite crash”.

After overcoming the initial shock, Dad said BBC The family “worked British and went to the pub.”

The father of two said his family was “very lucky” that no one was injured when a large oak tree fell from the roof of their home.

He said: “A gust of wind broke the base of a large oak tree in our garden, which is probably 400 years old.

The whole tree fell on the northwest corner of the house and hit the roof.

“The roof is pretty much destroyed, and my son’s and my daughter’s bedrooms are full of rubble.”

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Mr Good said his wife Emma, ​​his 23-year-old son Swain and his son’s girlfriend Anna Pernin were all working in different rooms of the house when the tree fell.

His son also “completely crushed” his Mazda MX5 car with fallen oak branches.

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Mr Good added: “My son was in the downstairs room (where the tree crashed) so he actually saw it.

“He just grabbed his laptop and grabbed the dog and ran out of the room.”

The family predicted that strong winds would cause some damage, but that level of destruction was “never expected.”

“I was worried the branch might attack the house or something because it was incredibly fast, but it was something else,” Mr Good said.

“We were very lucky that no dogs or people in the house were affected in any way … except to breathe in the dust.”

The family was able to spend the night in their home but are still unsure if this will be possible after the tree is removed.

Mr Good said: “We spent the rest of Friday trying to get out of the rooms but everything was covered in dust and debris and it was just a general mess.

“I think once they remove the tree from the house, they will have to demolish a large part of the house and rebuild it.

“We just have to talk to the insurance company and get it out of there.”

Meanwhile, a devastating storm has killed at least four people.

A two-day weather warning has been issued following the worst storm in years.

Bad weather has caused travel chaos, flight cancellations, power outages, and police force blackouts.

Train networks were hit by flying debris – and buildings and homes were extensively damaged as the O2 roof exploded.

But major clean-up efforts could be hampered in the coming days as there are now yellow and rain warnings in large parts of the country.

The tree has destroyed most of the roof. Credit: PA

The father said the family was “very lucky” that no one was injured. Credit: PA

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