Outlander star Neil Hudson was brutally murdered in a Texas Chainsaw massacre reboot

An outlandish star has been brutally murdered in the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

The popular movie series has been given a fair reboot by Netflix with a lot of violent scenes which horror fans are expecting from the franchise.

Elsie Fisher, left, Sarah Yarkin, Neil Hudson, and Jacob Latimore in a scene from the Texas Chainsaw MassacreCredit:

But one thing viewers didn’t notice was that actress Neil Hudson, popularly known as Bedi Lauger in Outlander, was the latest victim of Leatherface.

The English actress, 31, was last seen in Season Four of the hit fantasy epic after crushing Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Hagen, which caused all sorts of drama for his wife Claire. , Played by Katrina Balf.

Her latest project is also her first major film role, having recently appeared on the Netflix show The Irregulars last year.

In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre – a direct sequel to the original 1974 – she plays Ruth, one of the young men targeted by the famous legendary serial killer.

Thankfully, Neil knew she was never in real danger and actually enjoyed killing her and covering her in fake blood.

He told Digital Spy: “I get a real kick and a real thrill from the whole ‘scary’ thing.

“There’s something about being drenched in blood that makes me feel a little ugly.

“It’s really weird. I was walking from the seat to my trailer, covered in a lot of fake blood and I just felt like an idiot.

“I knew it was fake. It’s the weirdest part of the business where you’re both in your role, and you know it’s all fake.”

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However, he also expressed hope for the return of Outlander if the owners of the show follow the story of the books in which Laogheer reappears in the seventh episode.

He added: “I haven’t read the seventh book yet. I’ll read it if I’m asked to go back, which I imagine I will.

“Because with Laugher, they included me in TV shows more than I would in books.

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