Paul Sinha’s TV Show Downline: Which celebrities are appearing in ITV Quiz?

Chase star Paul Sinha is back for the new season of TV show Down.

Famous faces in this game show tested their tele-knowledge but who was confirmed for season two?

Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan has two Netflix stand-up specials.
Canadian comedian Catherine Ryan is not ashamed of the quiz show.
She regularly appears on 8 out of 10 cat dose countdowns and hosts Roast Battle and Your Face or Mine with Jimmy Carr.
Although her Netflix show The Duchess was canceled after a season, it has become a major feature of British comedy shows.

Greg Wallace

Master Chef Presenter Greg Wallace.
Greg Wallace, the most famous master chef, is another familiar face to TV fans.
The 57-year-old has been performing since 2002 and is also participating in the twelfth season of Strictly Come Dancing.
He appeared in the spin-off version of The Chase called Bat the Chasers and won.

Big Zoo

Big Zoo has been performing since 2015.
Big Zoo, a British rapper and TV personality, hosted the Big Eats of his show Big Zoo.
The show started in 2020 and featured Big Zoo making home-cooked food for comedians on tour.

Dennis Lewis

Dennis Lewis was a pundit for the London 2012, Rio 2016, and Tokyo 2020 Olympics.[/caption]
Gold medalist, Olympian Denise Lewis specializes in the heptathlon.
He set a British record and was awarded an OBE.
Dennis is now a regular pundit of sports competitions, including the Olympics, on the BBC.

Georgia Tofulo

Tough celebs appear in season three of Go Dating.
Commonly known as Toff, the Made in Chelsea star has become a regular TV personality.
She often appears on Celebrity Gogglebox with Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, after winning A I’m Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2017.
He spoke of his keen interest in jungle politics and wrote romance novels.

Indus V

Sindhu V has performed at the Edinburgh Frenzy Festival.
Another comedian who is no stranger to the world of panel shows is Sindhu V.
She has performed worldwide and was nominated for several Comedy Awards.
She recently appeared on the popular Netflix show Sex Education and the BBC’s StarStark.

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Who appeared in Season 1 of the ITV Quiz Show?

One of Paul’s new game show seasons saw a fantastic selection of celebrity guests.

Faye told ITV after joining as captain: “I don’t think I understood the basis of the show; I understood that I had seen last Tuesday that I would be questioned on television.

When does season 2 of Paul Sinha’s TV show Down start?

The new season airs on Saturday, February 19, 2022.

It will air on ITV at 9:40 pm and will be available for live stream at the same time.

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