Privacy Policy

In a World of News, We’re Transparent About Data Too.

🌍 Who Are We, Anyway?

Zalily, shining at, is where news blooms fresh every day. We cherish your clicks, reads, and comments; and here’s how we handle the trails you leave.

💬 Talk to Us, But Here’s What Stays:

Drop a comment? It’s more than just words. We store the given data, your IP address, and the browser’s unique ID for a spam-free experience. Want your profile picture next to your words? We send your email address (in a coded format, of course) to Gravatar.

📸 A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Data Points:

If you’re thinking of uploading an image, strip away the embedded location. Why? Our audience can extract that. Keep your places to yourself!

🍪 Cookies: Not the Edible Kind, Sadly!

  • Comments: Commenting means we might save your name, email, and site as cookies. Don’t worry; you can eat (I mean, delete) them in a year!
  • Logins: A brief visit to our login page? You’ll get a temporary cookie to check if your browser’s okay with it. Planning to stay a while? Our login cookies stick around for two days, while display choices linger for a year. Don’t want to re-introduce yourself every time? The “Remember Me” makes sure we remember for two weeks.
  • Publishing Vibes: Editing or publishing an article tags along a cookie. No secrets, just the article ID. It waves goodbye in 24 hours.

🔄 When Our Content Borrows From Others:

We love sharing diverse content. Sometimes, that means embedded stuff from other sites. It’s like you’re visiting them without leaving us. This borrowed content might keep tabs on you. Especially if you’re already their pal (logged in, we mean).

📮 Who Gets to Know You Through Us?

Forgot your password? Our reset mail will have your IP. But that’s as much as we’ll share.

Your Digital Footprint’s Lifespan:

Comments? They’re eternal here. Unless we’re talking about their metadata; those await your next ones.

Registered here? Your profile tells your story. Feel free to edit it. Just not your username; it’s the one constant amidst the digital chaos.

🤔 Ever Wondered About Your Data Rights?

You’ve got plenty. Think of a packed suitcase of your data we have. You can ask for it anytime. Fancy a digital cleanup? Request data deletion. Some bits, though, stick around for the boring stuff—admin, legal jazz, and safety.

🚀 Where Your Data Jets Off To:

Comments take a quick spam-check flight but always circle back to us.

To Infinity and Beyond (with Privacy)!

Thank you for being a part of the Zalily experience. Keep reading, keep sharing, and always stay assured of your data’s safety with us. If you have questions, our digital doors are always open! 🚪🔓