Scarborough RUFC Returned To Winning Ways With A 49-14 Victory Over Durham City.

Dylan Robinson made a second attempt for the Scarborough RUFC.

In the snow and rain, it was Matty Jones’ team that came out of the blocks and scored in the first attempt of the game in the opening minutes. Charlie Hooper writes.

The ball was worked along the line and Aaron Wilson blocked a pass on the halfway line and gained clear momentum to score on his first attempt. Tom Ratcliffe added an extra 7-0.

The lead was then doubled in the 10th minute when Dylan Robinson got a pass from Ratcliffe to score another converted effort.

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City responded with the best possible effort.

Peter Dent took a quick free kick and had a lot of power to score near the posts.

Captain Paul Armstrong added half to the deficit.

The game then opened and Scarborough responded with a penalty attempt.

Pictures of Andy Standing after Aaron Wilson steals the ball in the air with his arm and runs clean to try

Robinson kicked the loose ball and kicked it towards the try line. When he was about to double his tally, he was pushed back and denied a chance to score.

Referee Josh Walker awarded a penalty try and a yellow card to a city player.

This will be the final, notable, first-half action in which the Silver Ride organization is 21-7 ahead on the break.

The second half started the same way as before, Wilson got his second attempt of the game.

He ripped the ball from his opponent, spun, and ran towards the try line. Ratcliffe added a change to their 100% kicking record for 28-7.

Flyhoff rejoined in the 52nd minute, registering his team’s fourth attempt of the afternoon.

He collected the ball, exploded through the tackles, and scored directly under the posts.

Seven more points were added in the 59th minute when Scarborough extended their lead to 42-7.

Substitute Phil Watson moved closer before returning Sam Dawson scored through tackles. Ratcliffe, again, added extra.

Man-of-the-match Harry Domitt had minutes left in his team’s seventh change attempt.

Debutant Dan Boys widened the winger, and he fell 49-7 near the corner.

As the game drew to a close, City scored their second attempt of the match courtesy of Andy Kirkup, who went on a pass and scored below the post.

Scarborough reached sixth in the North One East table and traveled to Heath for second on Saturday, with Jason Lode stepping in as the team’s first coach for the match.

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