Within Several Years Of Kendall Jenner’s Lip Evolution, As The Model Was Accused Of ‘Lip-Filling’

Fans are convinced that Kardashian-Jenners have gone under the knife to help them achieve their famous curves.

Even Kendall Jenner, who seems to have done the least, is thought to have sought medical help to beautify her facial features.

Kendall Jenner’s modeling career really started in 2014 and it seemed like nothing worked on her face at the time. Credit: Getty

Kylie Jenner underwent lip injections in 2015, and fans believe Kendall followed suit. Credit: Getty

Although she has never admitted to receiving any form of plastic surgery, Kendall is rumored to have got a nose job.

Are addressing Life and style Dr. Ellis, a certified plastic surgeon at the Ellis Institute and the Fees Forward Foundation, explained why he thought he had changed his nose.

“The outline of the lower lateral cartilage can be clearly seen in the tip and it appears to have shrunk.

“The bridge of the nose looks small,” he explained.

Dr. Ellis, who has never personally helped Kendall with any cosmetic procedures, added that the changes in her nose could be more than just strategic make-up work.

Meanwhile, fans of the model insist that she has raised her pout to meet her sisters’ lips – and the evidence in the picture is quite clear.

Here’s an inside look at Kendall Jenner’s lip evolution over the years.

A Rising And Natural Star

Jenner in 2013Credit: Getty


Kendall turned 18 in 2013 and has been modeling for some years now.

She was not today’s supermodel, but she was on her way.

The following year, when she booked her first high-fashion runway gig with Marc Jacobs, she donated a sheer top with nothing underneath.

While her visible nipples caused some controversy, she said in W. Magazine In 2016, that she was “excited” to show off her body.

“I’m weird, I like to be outside,” she smiled.

In both 2013 and 2014, between her sky-rocketing career, Kendall’s lips looked natural and unchanged.

Kylie Pursed Her Lips

Jenner with sister Kylie in 2015Credit: Getty


In 2015, Kendall’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, made headlines for taking her pout seriously.

While she originally attributed the changing shape of her lips to lip liners and lipstick, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics admitted in front of the cameras in a 2015 episode of Capping Up with the Kardashians that she did find lip fillers. ۔

“I have temporary lip fillers, it’s just my insecurity and that’s what I wanted to do,” she said.

Meanwhile, older sister Kendall was still apparently shaking her natural pout.

Rumors Are Circulating About Kendall’s Features.

Jenner in 2018Credit: Instagram


By 2018, the display of more attractive smiles had become a mainstream trend, and everyone around Hollywood seemed to be putting something on their lips.

Kendall seemed to be one of the many people who followed him.

However, he strongly denied the allegations.

In a 2017 post on his now-defunct website, Kendall condemned rumors that he had undergone some form of plastic surgery on his face.

“It’s very tiring,” he said.

“As a model, why would I rebuild my face?

“It simply doesn’t make sense.”

Rumors began when her beauty mogul’s sister, Kylie, shared a video of herself putting on her make-up, in which she overlined her lips to give them more volume.

Kendall didn’t support the rumors the following year when she posted a selfie that clearly showed her big lips.

While some fans commented below the photo in the hope that the new look was just lipstick work, many believed she had applied fillers to her lips.

Kendall Holds Her Big Lips Together.

Jenner in 2021Credit: Getty


By 2021, it was clear that Kendall’s larger lips were here to stay – regardless of how he got them.

She became the subject of more lip filler rumors when she posted a mirror selfie showing her lips with make-up and physically enlarged.

Kendall did not comment on the gossip in public as he did in the past.

Fans Are Trolling Kendall’s Pout.

Jenner in 2022Credit: Getty


Kendall brought her big lips in 2022 and shocked the fans once again when she was photographed in the Super Bowl with bigger lips than ever before.

The picture made its way Reddit And People weren’t easy on supermodels.

One user asked, “Why does this ‘little kid who stole his mother’s lipstick and went to town’ give it away?”

“I personally think Kendall was looking much better with her old lips,” said another Redditor.

“I thought thin lips really matched that and now it’s hard to tell apart from Kylie!”

A third user, however, dragged her to clearly overline her lips and pretend she “drank some chocolate milk.”

At this point, it seems Kendall doesn’t need to comment on the constant criticism on his lips or confirm whether he did it or not.

Similarly, her older sister Kim Kardashian has received questions over the years about her apparently changing appearance, but she has denied many of them.

Khloe Kardashian, meanwhile, has spoken out about the transformation of her “vengeful body” and even admitted to doing something, but she has never cleared up all her rumors of plastic surgery. Did not give

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