YouTube Star And KSI Trainer Viddal Riley Outscores Willbeforce Shihepo In Six Round Shutouts For Fifth Straight Win

VIDDAL RILEY – The social media sensation that made KSI famous for coaching his mega-money boxing career – won 5-0 on Saturday night.

On his UK debut, 24-year-old Hackney Cruiserweight – a real and decorated amateur – defeated Amir Khan vs. Willbeforce Shihepo on the Kyle Brook undercard.

Viddal Riley touches Willbeforce Shihepo with his right hand.Credit: Richard Pelham

The YouTuber was very cautious about his travel opponents.Credit: Richard Pelham

After six rounds of shutouts, an enthusiastic rally raises its hands.Credit: Richard Pelham

Riley, who has also released rap songs on the back of his YouTuber training feats, started his British bow with a dream and never let his opponent back.

The scoring referee called for a one-sided six-round shutout: 60-53.

He said: “After all, fighting in the UK feels great, so I want to thank everyone for doing it.

“I came close to stopping him, but he’s a tough guy.

“I too have been out of the ring for two years due to injuries and cavities so it was nice to box all six rounds.

“I just want to be very busy.”

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After beating the veteran for two minutes and investigating, Riley blasted into a perfect right uppercut that flattened Shihipo.

Multi-talented Ak created a beautiful bridge and counter that pushed Namibia onto the canvas to count to eight.

Blake Mamba got back on his feet and fought the rally was in his gutter and connecting at will.

The Manchester crowd was chanting ‘Oh and Harmony’ in the second while Riley was taking off the combination of rasping in his body and guard.

Sheikhupura was almost thundering again when the right fork of the rally heard his weak whispers.

In the third rally, he had almost applied to the star student KSI to win the KO.

But the war-torn Sheikhupu wanted to earn a penny out of his wallet and refused to go out despite being beaten.

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The novelty of seeing Shehippo being tagged ended by the fifth, but the rally did not go off in search of a stoppage.

But when the corner of the rally forced him to let go of his hand, he stepped on the gas and punished his opponent, his nose and mouth began to bleed.

Tough Africans heard the last bell, though, abusing shipping until the last blow of the war.

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